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Welcome to the Revolution

The Innovative Email Management Tool

MAIL MASTER solves all your Email overload problems

Are you…

  • Overloaded with emails?

  • Wasting valuable time reading emails which aren’t relevant?

  • Frustrated by endless “Reply to All” email chains?

  • Struggling to find important emails?

If you answered yes to any of the above then MAIL MASTER could be just what you need. It will...

  • Reduce email volume!

  • Increase email relevance!

  • Eliminate “For Info” emails!

  • Save you half an hour a day!

How much time do you waste on Email? Find out here...

MAIL MASTER unlocks the data in your Email system

MAIL MASTER is an innovative, new email management tool that could radically change how you & your organization use email. 


MAIL MASTER creates a fully searchable, cloud-based, database of all your organization’s emails, giving individuals access to all emails pertinent to their role regardless of whether they were on the original recipient list. This will significantly reduce the number of emails you receive whilst increasing the relevance of the emails in your inbox. It is a considerable aid to collaboration & teamworking and will improve organizational efficiency, saving you both time and money. 

MAIL MASTER is aimed at Professional Services organizations where it is vital to keep a “paper trail” of documentation relating to a specific client or project. However, any organization where groups of individuals work together on common topics will find MAIL MASTER invaluable for enhancing team collaboration.

It is also easy to import historical data into MAIL MASTER thereby solving one of the major problems of implementing new systems.


Unlike other products currently available MAIL MASTER works with your existing email system, with NO additional software to install or support. It is also easy to use; if you can send an email and fill out a web-form you can use MAIL MASTER.

why do i need mail master?

We All Have Email Overload

It's a global epidemic AND a fact of business life which isn't going to go away. It's estimated that the average number of business emails sent & received per person per day is >130. So even a relatively small organization could be sending & receiving in the region of 10000 emails per week.

MAIL MASTER can significantly reduce the number of emails you receive without reducing the amount of information available to you.

Email Relevance

Studies say that only ~38% of emails are important and/or relevant. The trouble is that the 38% which are important to you today may not be the same 38% as is important next week; next month or even next year. Likewise, the 62% that is not relevant or important to you today could be vital to somebody else in your organization.

MAIL MASTER can ensure the emails in your Inbox are those that are important today whilst still giving you access to those that might be important later.

Copy List Confusion

Every day we all wrestle with the dilemma of who we should copy on emails? Do you copy everyone or only those from whom you need a response or some form of action? Whichever you choose it's inevitable that every email is going to fall into the important/relevant category for less than half the people on the copy list.

MAIL MASTER allows you to limit recipient lists to those people with an immediate interest at the same time as ensuring everyone who might have been copied “for information” can keep up to date.

how mail master can benefit your business

Never Lose an Email

MAIL MASTER has comprehensive search capabilities which will enable you to quickly locate critical or sensitive emails. 

Improve Collaboration

MAIL MASTER allows emails to be filed in shared workspaces, enhancing cooperation and creating greater synergy within projects.



Emails are fully encrypted and securely uploaded to Amazon Web Services to ensure maximum security. 



MAIL MASTER works alongside your existing email program. With no software or add-on to install so you can be up & running in minutes.

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