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As well as managing your day to day email MailXmaster automatically acts as an archive for your entire organisation's email. All emails and their attachments are stored in their original state and are easily retrievable during daily business operations or at any other time.

MailXmaster saves emails by shared workspace rather than by individual user, ensuring everyone has access to all emails that are relevant to their role and responsibilities irrespective of whether those emails were sent or copied to them. This makes it easy to locate any email regardless of whether it was sent days, weeks, months, or even years ago!

Email Archiving
Knowledge Management

MailXmaster also helps with business continuity when your personnel changes.  If you hire new employees, they can easily be given access to all the useful historical information they need to quickly get up to speed and be productive.  It also helps new employees to become familiar with customer history which helps them provide better customer service.

Depending upon the size of your organisation, old emails can provide a large amount of intelligence regarding your company. MailXmaster helps you to utilise insights and data analytics from the past to keep your business moving forward.

Knowledge Management

Customer Portal

MailXmaster is more than just an email archive, it can also be used to store other electronic documents. In this way it is possible to create dedicated client workspaces that act as a centralised data repository. Clients can be granted access to their own workspaces thereby creating a “portal” where they can access all email & documents relating to them.

Customer Portal
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