Email Management

Whatever business you’re in the odds are that the vast majority of your internal and external communication is done by email. Consequently, your email system is home to vast numbers of emails and vast quantities of data which unless managed properly can be a hinderance rather than an asset. defines email management as “… a systematic approach to maximizing the efficiency of email practices and minimizing the negative effects that email handling can have on an individual's productivity and job satisfaction.” By addressing the twin problems of email volume and email sharing MailXmaster will turn your email system into a valuable knowledge base that will save your organisation time and money.

Email Management
Email Overload

One of the main reasons our inboxes are so full is the number of emails we are copied on "for information”. MailXmaster allows individual workspaces to be created for different projects, customers, departments, or topics. Emails are copied to the relevant workspace(s) rather than to individual users. Cutting out all those “for information” emails will reduce what’s in your inbox by at least 25% allowing you to focus on those emails that are relevant. Because all emails are placed in a database the information they contain is actually accessible to more people and easier to find.

Reduced Email Volume

Email Sharing

Many Organisations implement complex & time-consuming procedures which involve manually copying Emails into "shared" or "client" folders; either to ensure all relevant people have access or to ensure regulatory compliance. MailXmaster simplifies this process by automatically sharing emails at the point of sending. This creates a common repository for all client or project information, saving valuable time and providing a great environment for collaboration, teamwork and improved organisational efficiency.

Email Sharing


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