All Your Questions About MailXmaster Answered

Free Trial

What do I do if I want to continue using MailXmaster after the trial?

Simply let us know and we will invoice you for your chosen plan.

Is the Free Trial really Free?

Yes! You can use MailXmaster and all its features for 3 months without obligation. If at the end of 3 months you no longer wish to use MailXmaster simply inform us & we will delete your data. Since you will still have the original copies of the emails you have sent and received within your organization's email system you will have lost nothing.

Setting up MailXmaster

Do I need to install anything?

No! MailXmaster is completely cloud-based and self-contained so there is absolutely nothing to download or install. Simply use MailXmaster with whatever email program and web browser you currently use and you're ready to go.

How do I set up MailXmaster?

When you sign up you will receive an activation email with a link to your own unique MailXmaster sub-domain along with your username and password. As the initial user you will have Administrator privileges which will enable you to add additional users and create Groups, Sections & Tasks. We do offer a service whereby we will configure your MailXmaster system for you. Contact us if you would like more information on this service.

What support is available?

MailXmaster is very simple and intuitive to use so we're confident that you won't need much support. Nevertheless there is a comprehensive User Guide and if all else fails we're only a phone call away. We can provide on-site training where we would assist you in configuring your MailXmaster schema. Contact us if you would like more information on this service.

Using MailXmaster

What are Groups, Sections and Tasks?

Groups, Sections and Tasks are the nomenclature MailXmaster uses to identify the ‘folders’ where you want to file your emails. Groups are the highest level of folder, then come Sections and finally Tasks. MailXmaster allows you create your own Groups, Sections & Tasks and then name them using your own chosen terminology e.g. ‘Projects’, ‘Customers' ‘Departments’ etc. At present you can create up to 675 Groups; each Group can contain up to 100 Sections and each Section can contain an almost infinite number of Tasks.

How are my Emails organized?

Emails are organised by Task. Each Task is specific to a Group & Section making it possible to use the same Task name in relation to different topics. The email, its contents and any attachments are stored in a database for easy searching.

How do I file an Email?

Every Task has a unique email address. To file an email simply add the relevant Task email address(es) to the cc list of the email you are sending. Alternatively, you can file received messages by forwarding them to the relevant Task. You can also use email 'Rules' to automatically forward emails to their relevant Task. Some email programs allow rules to be run on emails already in your inbox making this an effective way of importing historical data into MailXmaster.

Can I file Emails from my phone?

Yes! MailXmaster works with any email program so you can file from any device.

How do I access the Information stored in MailXmaster?

Your MailXmaster system is accessed via your device's browser. Simply log in using your Username & Password and, depending on your access privileges, you will be able to access all the information filed there.

Who can see the Emails I file?

Any email you file to MailXmaster can been seen by any MailXmaster user within your organization who has access to the Section in which the email is filed. MailXmaster has a system of access privileges which can be used to restrict what information individual users are able to view. Users with the highest level of access can see all emails in all Sections. Users with a lower access level can only see emails in the Sections to which they have been granted access.

Can I file an Email in more than one place?

Yes! Because there are times when an Email is relevant to more than one topic MailXmaster allows you to file it in as many different Tasks as you like by simply adding the relevant Task addresses to your cc list.

How do I grant a New User access to my Emails?

A low level user can only access emails in Sections where their name is in the Section Address Book. The easiest way to add a user to a Section Address Book is to send them an email which is "copied" to a Task within that Section.

How will I know when there is new data in MailXmaster?

MailXmaster includes a powerful reporting tool which enables you to schedule automated searches for activity which you are interested in and then email you and your team the results. For example, MailXmaster could send a report every Monday morning detailing all emails relating to a specific project that were filed in the previous week.

How do I find an Email in MailXmaster?

If you know which Section the email is filed in you can search that Section directly using the 'Fliter Section Email' facility. This will allow you to search a specific Section by any combination of Sender, Recipient, Subject, keyword and date range. If you are unsure where the email might be you can use a 'Manual Email Search Report' to search all Sections to which you have access.

Storage, Data and Security

Is MailXmaster secure?

Your data is automatically backed up in the cloud, so there’s no need to worry about the accidental loss of data. Our security certificates ensure that your data is held securely at all times and that you retain full data ownership.

Where is the data I upload to MailXmaster stored?

Any email filed to MailXmaster is securely stored in the cloud. Your MailXmaster cloud storage is provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) so you are backed by a tried, tested and secure architecture.

What would happen to my emails in a Disaster Recovery Scenario?

All the data in MailXmaster will be unaffected by a catastrophic data loss within your IT system. You will still have access to your data as long as you have an internet connection. The data within MailXmaster is 'mirrored' to ensure continuous access in the unlikely event of a failure within an AWS data centre.

How will I know if I am running out of Storage Capacity?

Storage capacity within MailXmaster is shared across all users rather than allocated to individuals. Your plan's current data usage is displayed in the footer of your MailXmaster home screen. Full details about your plan's capacity etc can be viewed in the "Account" drop down menu. Your system administrator(s) will receive an email notification when you reach 75% capacity and another when you reach 90% giving you plenty of time to order additional data. Additional data is available in blocks of 10, 25 or 50GB depending on your Pricing Plan - contact us for details of additional data charges.

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