Making Your Email System work for You has Never been so Easy

Explore the comprehensive range of features with which MAIL MASTER will enhance every project. Our experts are on-hand to help explain the many benefits using MAIL MASTER could offer your organization.

Tap into Your Data

An organization's email system is home to vast quantities of data. We all routinely search the internet for information but until now we've been unable to tap into the wealth of knowledge within our own organization's email system because it's distributed across multiple mailboxes.


By creating an email database MAIL MASTER allows individuals to be granted access to ALL emails that are relevant to their role and responsibilities irrespective of whether those emails were sent to them.

Powerful Search Engine

MAIL MASTER has far superior search capabilities to standard email programs. The ability to search by multiple criteria (sender, recipient, subject, keyword, date range etc) along with the ability to sort your search results means its easy to find a specific email among thousands. This effortlessly streamlines day to day tasks and makes it easy to quickly locate emails with critical content.

Organization Changes

Over time the responsibilities of individuals within an organization change. People leave, new people start, and people move on to new projects; but MAIL MASTER ensures that everyone always has access to the data they need to do their job. New starters can be given instant access to all the historical data they need to quickly get up to speed and be productive.

Redact Personal Info

Under Article 17 of the GDPR individuals have the right to have personal data erased. This is often known as the “right to be forgotten” (RTBF). People’s personal information can be embedded in 100s of electronic documents and emails which can make RTBF requests extremely difficult for organisations to deal with. 

MAIL MASTER's redaction facility lets you remove all identifying information - Name, Phone Number, Email Address etc - from the database whilst keeping potentially valuable content intact. 


Efficient Email Sharing

Whilst there are many collaboration tools available today they tend to be aimed at file sharing rather than email sharing.

MAIL MASTER compliments these tools because it is optimized for sharing emails regardless of what email program you are using. Team members are not restricted to specific hardware or software to take advantage of the efficiency benefits it offers.


Automated Reporting

MAIL MASTER can generate scheduled reports of email activity relating to whole projects and/or individual tasks. Reports can take the form of either an activity report giving the volume of emails relating to a specific task in a given period or a full log of those emails.

The activity report can help identify tasks which may have stalled, whilst the email log is an invaluable tool for keeping abreast of how each task is progressing.


Maximum Security

All data in MAIL MASTER is fully encrypted and hosted using Amazon Web Services (AWS). As such you benefit from a data centre and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.

MAIL MASTER's system of access restrictions ensures users with the lowest access levels only have visibility of data stored in workspaces to which they've been invited. Data integrity within MAIL MASTER is guaranteed by only giving users with the highest access levels the ability to delete information.

Shared Workspaces

Individual workspaces can be created for different projects, departments, customers or topics. Team members can use those workspaces to share all relevant emails and documents relating to that task. Because some emails relate to more than one topic MAIL MASTER allows them to be filed in multiple workspaces making them accessible to more people AND easier to find later.


This provides a great environment for collaboration, aids teamwork and improves organizational efficiency.



MAIL MASTER effectively acts as a common archive for everyone in your organization's email.


Unlike conventional archiving  MAIL MASTER won't archive spam and because data is organized by shared workspace rather than by individual user this archive is far more powerful than any archive created by conventional email programs.

This archive is a useful asset in any organization's disaster recovery strategy.

Bespoke Notifications

MAIL MASTER's powerful reporting tool enables you to stay informed about what new information has been filed to MAIL MASTER as regularly as you like. 

The system can be configured to notify you with an activity summary on a schedule of your choice. You can even set different notification schedules for individual projects within MAIL MASTER to ensure you are informed promptly when time critical data is added.





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