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MAIL MASTER is an innovative Cloud based Email Management tool.

Email Sharing

Why Choose MAIL MASTER..?

MAIL MASTER unlocks the data in your Email system...

MAIL MASTER transforms your organisation's Email system into an information database allowing you to tap into all Emails on a particular topic even if you weren't on the original copy list.

Its functionality is also useful for project management and regulatory compliance whilst automatically providing an archive/back-up of important Emails and documents that have been sent or received electronically.

MAIL MASTER is Easy to Implement...

Unlike other products currently available MAIL MASTER works with your existing Email software. There is NO additional software to install or learn.

It is also easy to import historical data into MAIL MASTER thereby solving one of the major problems of implementing new systems.

MAIL MASTER is Easy to Use...

If you can send an Email and fill out a web-form you can use MAIL MASTER

Email Overload

Why do I need MAIL MASTER..?

Email Overload...

It's a global epidemic AND a fact of business life which isn't going to go away. It's estimated that the average number of business Emails sent & received per person per day is >130. So even a relatively small organisation could be sending & receiving in the region of 10000 Emails per week..

Email Relevance...

Studies say that only ~38% of Emails are important and/or relevant. The trouble is that the 38% which are important to you this may not be the same 38% as is important next week; next month or even next year. Likewise, the 62% that is not relevant or important to you today could be vital to somebody else in your organisation.

Copy List Confusion...

Every day we all wrestle with the dilemma of who we should copy on Emails? Do you copy everyone only those from whom you need a response or some form of action? Whichever we choose it's inevitable that every Email we send is going to fall into the important/relevant category for less than half the people on the copy list!

Email Overload

Click below to find out more about the many capabilities of MAIL MASTER; the benefits they offer to different aspects of your business and how MAIL MASTER can unlock the power of your Email system…

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