Our client was juggling multiple projects for multiple clients. Transparency is a key aspect of how they work, and they use email to ensure all stakeholders know the exact status of each project at any given time. With different team members being involved with several projects at the same time, the volume of email was spiralling out of control and identifying which emails related to which project was becoming increasingly complicated.


They were looking for an email management system that would help them reduce email volume whilst improving project management and increasing efficiencies within their business.  Working with contractors meant that they wanted to be able to share project related emails and documents with 3rd parties, so a system that would work without any hardware or software restrictions was essential.


MailXmaster has created a series of shared workspaces where all emails and documents relating to each specific project can be filed. Sub-sections within the workspaces make it easy to separate different aspects of the project, whilst enabling external contractors to be given secure access to all the information relevant to their role in the project.


The result is a database of project emails and documents which integrates seamlessly with their existing email system and ensures that information can be accessed quickly and simply at all times - by everyone!  No more moving emails to shared folders or copying every team member on every email.


MailXmaster’s automated reporting tool provides everyone with a weekly report of all activity relating to the projects they’re working on, keeping them up to date and reducing email volume by around 25%.  This reduction in email volume has made it easier for them to focus on the important emails and save more than half an hour per person per day.


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