How much time do you Waste on Email?

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Do you really know how much time you & your organization spend dealing with email?

We've developed a handy calculator that will tell you not only how much time and money MAIL MASTER could save you, but also some "fun" ways you could spend that time..

Here's the Maths...

Statistics tell us we spend 28% of our work week dealing with email - that's more than 11 hours a week! With the average person having to deal with 124 work emails every day, it means we're spending around 70 seconds on each email.

We (conservatively) believe that MAIL MASTER will cut the time spent dealing with email by 25% by eliminating the unnecessary "for info" emails which account for around half of all emails received! Multiply that time by the average UK salary and you can see just how much money you could save.

But that's not the whole story!

The numbers in the calculator don't take into consideration the fact that it takes 23 minutes to fully re-engage with what you were doing after an interruption. That means that if you stop what you're doing fives times a day to check your email that’s another 1.9 hours wasted while you get back up to speed! Reducing the volume of emails you receive means you won't need to check them as often mean MAIL MASTER saves you even more time and money.

MAIL MASTER offers a 3 month, no obligation trial so why not contact us and let us put your money where our mouth is.

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