How to save time sorting your Email

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

A few weeks ago I attended a business improvement seminar the purpose of which was to give business owners the tools they need to help grow their business to the next level.

The speaker, Nin Vraitch of ActionCOACH, was excellent & managed to distil (at least) a full day's worth of content into a couple of hours without it seeming rushed. Amongst the information she presented were a couple of graphics that are as applicable to the concept of email management as they are to business management.

Mail Master diagram | Mail Master | Email Archive Services UK

Anyone who has studied business management will be familiar with this graphic - it's a representation of what is known as The Eisenhower Decision Matrix or Eisenhower Decision Principle.

The premise is that

"What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important."

It's clear that the same principle could be applied to what's in your inbox although, where email is concerned, the quadrant I've labelled as "Distractions"is considerably larger than the others!

Emails that are non-urgent and non-important can account for as much as 80% of what is in your inbox. Even if you subtract all the spam and marketing emails most of us are left with 50-60% of our inbox which fall into the non-urgent, non-important category. These are those emails that ARE work related but require no action (from us). Generally, they're the one's we get copied on "for information" because the sender feels we ought to know. Whilst the desire to share information is admirable and well intentioned, it is frequently counterproductive as "for info" emails are a distraction from those which require more immediate action.

This is where MAIL MASTER can help. MAIL MASTER can remove all those "for info" from your inbox leaving you free to focus on those emails which are more important, more urgent or both, safe in the knowledge you still have access to all that information should it become important or urgent.

The second topic which Nin spoke about was the implementation of systems to improve business processes.

Mail Master System | Cloud Based Email Solution UK

She used the acronym that any system should Save YourSelf Time Effort & Money. MAIL MASTER is a system that will do all those things.

Statistics say that the average worker spends between 2 & 4 hours/day on email. If we estimate that 25% of that time (and it could be much more!) is spent on non-important, non-urgent emails then that means at least half an hour per person per day is being wasted. MAIL MASTER will save you that TIME.

MAIL MASTER will also save you the EFFORT of reading and filing emails that are neither urgent nor important.

If you calculate a monetary value for the time MAIL MASTER can save it equates to in the region of >£2000/yr for every employee.* Multiply that by the number of employees and it become's clear that MAIL MASTER can save a significant ammount of MONEY too.

If you're sceptical about these claims, MAIL MASTER offers a 3 month, no obligation trial. Contact us for a demonstration or to find out more about how MAIL MASTER could transform the way you use email.

* - Based on a 40 hour week, 48 week year and the Average UK Salary 2019.