The New Normal

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

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As we start taking the first tentative steps out of lockdown the big thing everyone seems to be talking about is “The New Normal”. Everyone has a different idea as to what it might be, but everyone seems to agree that it’s going to be a long time before we’re able to do everything we used to do the way we used to do it.

One of the biggest areas of uncertainty is how soon (if ever) we’ll get back to doing business the way we did before the outbreak. Whilst a lot of businesses have been forced to furlough staff, many of us are adapting to working from home and may well continue to do so (at least some of the time) when the lockdown restrictions begin to ease. It’ll certainly be some time before we go back to working in offices without any form of social distancing. It’s also pretty likely that videoconferencing will replace at least some face-to-face meetings. As someone who in the past routinely made 4-5 hour trips for half an hour meetings, I plan to do a lot less zooming on motorways and a lot more zooming from my desk.

When asked how companies would fare when furloughing ends and “normal” business resumes, Deborah Meaden – the well-known entrepreneur & TV Dragon – said that, in her opinion, businesses that expect everything to go back to how they were before may well struggle, whereas those that adapt and evolve are more likely to thrive.

One of the areas where we can all evolve the way we do business is our use of technology. I’ve already mentioned increased use of Zoom and other videoconferencing apps, but what about other methods of communication? It’s clear that sharing information with colleagues who might be working remotely is vital. The most common way of doing this would be email but we all already get so many emails sending more would be counterproductive. Not with MAIL MASTER! With MAIL MASTER you can share emails and documents with your team(s) whilst actually reducing the amount of emails in everyone’s inboxes. If you think less emails but more information would be a good thing, why not book a demo?

All demos are done online so there’s no need to compromise any social distancing measures you’re adhering to.

At MAIL MASTER we realise that people might be reluctant to invest in new technology in a time of uncertainty which is why we’re offering a 25% discount on the 1st year’s subscription fees to anyone who signs up for a trial between now & the end of October 2020.

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