Powerful Search Engine

Any email management system is only as good as its ability to easily find information.


MailXmaster has a comprehensive range of data filters which make it easy to search emails and files by multiple criteria (sender, recipient, subject, keyword, date range etc). Searches can be carried out at a variety of levels from system level down to individual workspace. You can search for a combination of criteria (eg sender AND keyword) or multiple criteria at once (eg sender OR keyword). You can even opt to search for a keyword or search string in email attachments as well as the emails themselves.


Search results can also be sorted making it even easier to quickly locate a specific email. This effortlessly streamlines day to day tasks and makes it easy to quickly locate emails with critical content.

Find an email
Create a scheduled report

All MailXmaster reports can be scheduled to run automatically. You can set up periodic reports of email activity relating to whole projects and/or individual tasks. Reports can take the form of either an activity report giving the volume of emails relating to a specific task in a given period or a full log of those emails.

The activity report can help identify tasks which may have stalled, whilst the email log is an invaluable tool for keeping abreast of how each task is progressing.

Automated Reporting

Bespoke Notifications

MailXmaster's powerful reporting tool enables you to stay informed about what new information has been filed to MailXmaster as regularly as you like.

The system can be configured to notify you with an activity summary on a schedule of your choice. You can even set different notification schedules for individual projects within MailXmaster to ensure you are informed promptly when time critical data is added.

Email Search Report
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